About Fruit Company

Fruit company was founded in the end of the last century as a family business. We are offering a variety of services which include import, buyout, sales and distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Devotion to our business and years of experience brought as a continuous growth of the company and more importantly happy customers. We are proud to say that we are the main supplier for all of the leading market chains in Serbia.

Choose us ?

Always available
fresh fruit and vegetables

We are devoted to a goal of supplying the market with fresh and quality products and a wide range of different products in different packages.

We are
Always ready to cooperate

Team of highly skilled and experienced professionals is always there to listen to you and fulfill your needs.

We are
the center for selling fruit and vegetables

Our distribution center offers a storage for both local and imported products, keeps them on proper temperature and also prepares them for delivery through all distribution channels all over Serbia 356 days a year.

We are
Always ready for delivery

We are making sure that our customers get a fast and quality delivery service.

Our Services

You can find our products on green markets, fruit and vegetables shops, traditional stores as well as hyper markets.

We are both the buyer and the supplier as well as the distributor of fruits and vegetables.

We are your reliable partner, whether you are from Serbia or a foreign country.